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This page contains a wide variety of links to other websites.  From Hotels in Orlando to how to research your family tree. So get surfing the net !  Just click on the underlined link.  To return here click on the 'Back' arrow. For Financial site links click HERE

A new sister site has been developed at www.silversurfers   .com. This is a more professional and commercial site but will not offer one-to-one help from me.
However there are already some very interesting articles on there and you can register to get regular notifications

Stop Press.  Click this link to see the Energy/Fuel saving page regarding Fuel Supply Fixes

One special site, which I use frequently is Wikipedia.  There is information about almost everything under the sun and much of it is contributed by volunteers around the world.  I really do believe that information is the key to human advancement and understanding, so I feel that it is worth supporting.  

Did you know that you can move down the list of links by pressing the Tab key ?  Then press Enter to go to  a selected site.  You can also move down the page by pressing the space bar.... holding shift to move up again.

Now where's that dictionary ?  No need :  Dictionary, thesaurus, language translator and more.

Sites relating specifically to older people, including Health sites, have been moved to Here Click on this link. For Savings and Investments click Here and Computer purchasing click Here.

Some folks have saved a fortune using these links. One couple saved hundreds on flights to New Zealand.  I have saved a couple of hundred on a holiday and lots on travel and house insurance.  For computer bits I favour www.ebuyer For books and many other items try Amazon. It really pays to shop around.

Reuters World News Not only can you see reviews of live theatre shows but can see exactly where there are avaiable seats.. They would also like you to send in a review of the seats you found good (or the opposite !)
 Theatre Breaks offer theatre and hotel packages in London, Edinburgh and Stratford Upon Avon with optional rail travel. Packages also include events like the Chelsea Flower Show,  .

CASHBACK and VOUCHERS  See below under shopping


BOOKS etc  Get second hand and rare books

CARS   I have bought two cars as a result of internet research. Very happy with both.  But do be careful. Scammers can use the 'net' to sell fictitious or cloned cars. 'Which?' did a study and found that new cars were often much cheaper on line   Buy or sell cars.  Free advertising for your car  Not quite what you expect but great news on the motoring front

Brokers include and which specialises in supplying discounted cars without the waiting lists. A large selection of new and used cars available, but no older cars. Car supermarkets include and you can try If you are nervous about buying on line then you can still use it to research prices before bargaining with your local dealer. To tax it on line; MOT at can be booked on line

To find the correct tyre pressures, type in the registration at The site that helps you find or provide lifts.  Save on fuel, save cost, save the planet !


Computer Fairs

Spare equipment? These days schools would love laptops or tablets.  Find a loving home for it (UK only) Get equipment for clubs etc.  if you have a spare computer.  They will collect and check them out for schools.  Another government sponsored initiative providing more advanced courses kinds of help for the disabled PC user.

See my pensioners page for more info on accessing the net with disabilities  

Software downloads :   Be careful to download ONLY the file you want
Web based e-mail addresses and  

Find the Best/Worst ISP  : Check for cable, landline, mobile etc. 

Viruses and Virus Hoaxes : (now Broadcom)

General Help :  www.techsupport guy (& PCmatic)

EDUCATION and TRAINING  Do you realise that you can get a loan for approved courses and that this does not have to be repaid until you income exceeds 21,000 p.a. ?  This is not passed on to your heirs! As an example see Birkbeck College, London.(get a degree with evening lectures) Distance Learning Centre provides over 250 courses for people of all ages who cannot access school/college or university. The Open University These are quizzes to help children (and parents) with Sat3 tests Workers Education Association

A free site to help you learn about Excel Spreadsheets (Click the link) Free touch typing tutor program (both lead to Open University) or phone 0800 77 1234 to book your Free Internet starter session with the government sponsored UKonline (University of the Third Age) Free courses in almost everything.

Encyclopedia Specialist site for home working jobs


AGE ACTION ALLIANCE. Useful for all kinds of help for the elderly

Abilitynet Look for free home help on computing if you have a disability of ANY kind A wide range of daily living aids Provides bathroom equipment, making it easy to use, giving your freedom and dignity  The main page for the Shopmobility organisation. You should book a scooter and there is a charge e.g. 7.50 or so a day   

Shopmobility is for anyone, young or old, whether their disability is temporary or permanent. It is available for those with injuries, long or short-term disabilities – anyone who needs help with mobility. Shopmobility is about the freedom to get around. You do not need to be registered disabled to use it. Does it cost ? All schemes operate slightly differently; some provide Shopmobility as a free service while others make a charge. This is indicated by the symbols in each entry. Most schemes welcome any donations you wish to make. (cars)You or your driver(s) will qualify for all the benefits of a Motability car if your receive either the Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Allowance or the War Pensioners Mobility Supplement. The benefits include a choice of 4000 new cars; insurance and tax; breakdown service; servicing and maintenance; replacement Tyres and a 60,000 mileage allowance. You have to pay them your weekly mobility allowance.

Age UK will supply a number of free guides including Care homes, Winter, Home adaptions, Stair lifts, Baths, Fuel, Equity ReleaseHome insurance, Alarms, a Carer's Guide  if you call 0800 169 29 39 or visit

In April 2015 AgeUk started a help line which can be accessed from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m on 024 7643 3043 (local call) every day of the year. The over 50s Specialists Manage At Home are a UK based retailer of disability & mobility aids. a range of equipment at very reasonable prices. Hearing aids, Pain relief (TENS), Shopping Trolleys, Scooters, Stair lifts, Canes and Guides to equipment of all kinds such as adjustable beds  UK family run company providing useful products for the elderly to enable them to enjoy living independently at home and make senior living easier. From walking sticks to pill boxes, grab rails to shower stools. With free delivery on orders over 30.

FINANCIAL (see also Savings page) - To make it easier for people to access expert help and advice you can now just give us a call. Help is available every day of the year from 8am to 7pm on a local number, 024 7643 3043. ..

Compare Funeral Plans with funeral planning website Over50choices who offer one of the widest choices. is a charity which offers tax help to older people with a NET household income of under 17000 Phone : 01308 488066

The Government MoneyMade Clear site is now

I often use a Paypal account both to buy and to sell things.  It seems secure and the currency becomes irrelevant.  They now say you can send people money as long as they have an email address.  See as to how to do this

Pension information Look into SIPPS  The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group

The Financial Services Authority has a useful comparative site at, dealing with many different financial offerings.  Just fill in what you want to do and it will show an up-to-date list of what is available.

AgeUk Financial advice  (Daily Mail)  

Did you know there is 8 billion unclaimed money in banks and Premium Bonds ? Maybe granny forgot an account ! Try .For Building Societies go to   To check Premium Bonds or National Savings  go to The Pension Scheme Registry can check if you are due for anything

In debt ?  The first port of call should be your Citizens Advice Bureau


Car insurance can be a problem for older people.  An article in the Mail on Sunday dealt with this.  It found that the chances of having an accident were 13% higher among the over 70s but that the cost of claims for over 75s was 50% higher than for those aged 60.  As a result a number of companies are refusing to take on new customers over certain ages, though most will continue to insure existing customers who reach a certain age.  For new customers More Than has an upper age limit of 79; Tesco made that 80, Churchill say 90 and draw the line finally at 99 for existing customers. The most amenable are Saga, Age UK and RIAS, but the cost of cover varies a great deal, depending on location, gender and, of course, accident record. Health factors may also be a consideration and it is essential that you inform your insurer (and DVLC). In the Mail's example, insuring an 84 year old living and working in London RIAS worked out the most expensive. Age UK was nearly half of the RIAS cost.... do shop around  for those expensive gadgets (Now Aviva -10% off if you sign on the web). 
This company was recommended by a (60+) contact: :  Brokers : (I got a good quote here on House Contents insurance - and got better cover) for over 50's.
Cars If you have a big 'No Claims Discount' and your spouse wants their own cover do shop around to see if you they can benefit from your good record.  Try Churchill for what they term and 'introductory bonus'.
TRAVEL INSURANCE  Look at my page Here


GENEALOGY  << See my page on the subject
I have not attached links to these sites, so you will have to key in the address, adding www. at the beginning.  Some may charge to do research for you. WWW.GOOGLE.CO.UK  CYNDISLIST.COM, ANCESTRY.COM,  FAMILYSEARCH.COM (Mormon church) FAMILY.COM. ROOTSWEB. COM  RECORDS@GRO.SCOTLAND.GOV.UK,  GENUKI.COM (UK site),  ESSEXVILLAGES. NET, GOOGLE.COM, ASKJEEVES.COM, COPERNIC.COM. (Public Records Office) SOG.ORG.UK (Society of Genealogists) ARMY.MOD.UK FAMILYRECORDS.GOV.UK


OTHER SITES TO TRACK DOWN LONG LOST FRIENDS OR RELATIVES (and dogs !) uk, (charge made)    www.british (phone number, address, electoral roll), (U.S. private phone numbers)

Track old school friends. is now closed. (UK Electoral roll)  and (USA people finders)

HEALTH SITES  Most have been moved to Here

HOLIDAYS & TRAVEL   All  travel links have been transferred to my Travel Page Help40.htm

British Gas offered 400 scrappage allowance on your old boiler and you could claim up to 270 Green Deal Government Cashback but this scheme closed when HMGov ran out of cash. And Br. Gas did not compare well on price, even with the scrappage allowance.  "Which" did a customer survey over boilers and British Gas scored only 56%. Bosch did better at 74% but independent gas installers got as much as 86%.  To get a list of registered gas fitters contact and enter your postcode/

Solar electricity generation :  See my page on solar.

Wrongly Rated ? I was. Since Moneysavings Expert started to suggest that people check their rating band 130,000 households have been rerated.  See HERE for instructions as to what to do. For council tax bands see
Winter heating It is important to check the latest government offers as to whether you can gain from any of their energy saving measures. At least they have bludgeoned the energy providers to help fund the schemes. A government report said "Some 11 million people are expected to be offered assistance through the scheme. Almost half a million of the most vulnerable consumers would not see their bills rise at all this winter. Under the package, all low-income and pensioner households will be eligible for free insulation, saving up to 300 a year.
So ,you may be able to get assistance with wall and roof insulation and, more important with an efficient central heating system, including up to five radiators. Some people may get small grants if there is a hard winter. I was hoping they would double glaze my house.. but no such luck !

The Energy Saving Trust (0800 512 012) can tell you about grants (up to 2,000) from power companies and councils in your area.  Tap in your postcode.

GRANTS In addition you may find grants available to bring substandard property up to scratch (such as damp, problems, installing a bath or shower, hot and cold water and inside toilet) There are more generous grants where disabled facilities are required, such as widening of doors, ramps, stair lifts and downstairs toilets.  Although these may be means tested, no means test is applied if a child under 19 is disabled.  There is even an 'empty rooms grant', to bring back accommodation to a habitable state and also lead (water) pipe replacement.
Compare your Gas , Electricity, Telephone and Broadband :  Make sure you include offers from companies with which Uswitch do not have a deal. And bear in mind that all comparison sites are in it or their own good ! is another free, totally impartial, energywatch accredited price comparison and switching service that allows domestic customers find the best deals for their gas and electricity. Customers can compare deals from all the main licensed suppliers and then switch suppliers online or over the telephone. The whole process takes just a few minutes and customers switching for the first time can typically save themselves as much as 150 a year.
In 2021 the government enforced limit on energy prices ended.  People on standard tarriffs are likely to be able to get better deals by changing supplier.  Moneysavingsexpert has a method of changing you automatically once a year if it benefits you. (and them)

If you want to compare bills for commercial/business energy prices, use

Another useful site for this is Very simple to use.  But I find that there are so many factors to take into account that comparison is very difficult and the cold callers and swap sites take advantage of this. Some companies have got into trouble with OFGEM over this.

Check the value of your property and see trends :

INFORMATION   All governments sites can now be found at including Jobsearch, student finance, Passport fees, Benefits, Council Tax Bands, Car tax, Business, Education, Housing, Disabilities, Taxes, The Law and Registrars - To make it easier for people to access expert help and advice you can now just give us a call. Help is available every day of the year from 8am to 7pm on a local number, 024 7643 3043.

GENERAL ADVICE (Citizens Advice Bureau)
PARKING From October 2012 it is illegal for private companies to clamp or tow away cars but authorised companies may still slap parking tickets on cars and pursue payment. It is expected that more companies will try this.  To see the true position see 
Time, date, weather in any area of the world  (also iPod, iPad and Android Apps giving the same information)

Encyclopaedia  (Astronomy )
Double Glazing.  Your rights :  (science) (Science)  
www.britannica  The famous encyclopedia
The British Library
- View ancient documents e.g. Dead Sea Scrolls. 
Government : try Access to sites on Education, Caring, Housing, Justice, Disability, Jobs,
Will Writing
Will Writing from 39  Try it free. Each Will is checked by a qualified solicitor, and is then professionally printed, bound and sent to you by post to make sure it does not get invalided by the probate office.
Other legal services can be found at The Coop and (a group of 150 High Street Solicitors)
 (now called Compact Law) (Legal questions)  
What happens to your data after you have gone.  See  Deadmans Switch  For a small one-off fee they will send you regular emails. If you don't reply they will send out your prepared emails to nominated people expressing your wishes

AA route planner (for car journey planning)
Cyclestreets (for cycle journey planning)
National Rail enquiries (for train journey planning)
Ordnance Survey (maps)
RAC route planner (for car journey planning)
TfL plan a journey (for public transport in London)
Traveline (for public transport) (for planning walks around cities and towns in the England) (for public transport and car journey planning) (phones, postcodes, addresses and maps)
Postcodes can also be found HERE (Royal Mail site)

For international calling codes see
Telephone numbers : (download old maps of your area)  

TV Guide  a web page or download the app.:
Sport on TV e.g. football highlights for a week after the games (now Zoopla) Information about your area. House values, policing, best schools etc.  Just enter your postcode. Sites dedicated to helping people with their art hobby.
Glasses :  No need to spend 300 - 500.  Get your prescription free from any optician - don't be embarrassed to just ask for it - and look at or The latter will send you your chosen frame with clear lenses. If you like them, you then return them with a photo, so they can pick the correct measurements. You choose the combination of features you like (bi focal, multifocal, anti -reflective, light reactive, stronger, lighter, anti scratch etc) and send them your free prescription. Voila. Who needs an optician ? If you don't save 200 I will eat my fedora.

MUSIC  Lyrics see for links to lyric sites


Consumer Rights, Safety and Information.  In the UK look for the local Trading Standards Office or go to th the Citizens Advice Bureau. For information in USA see

Parcel Delivery. See Register.  Enter the size and weight, get a quote and fill in the destination.  Choose the speed and price you want. The parcel can be picked up or you can select local pickup points and take it in.

VOUCHERS and Promotional codes are the in thing these days with many companies vying for your business by offering money off and 2 for 1 deals. Have you ever noticed, when buying on line that it says 'Enter your promotional code here'. So what is that about ? Almost every large retailer is now doing this from Argos to Vodaphone and Wickes.

SmartClicks - Discount voucher codes and online shopping offers.   Money Supermarket Vouchers 
Vouchersmarter,  MyVoucher Codes

And Cashback sites are also all the rage.  If you buy via them you eventually get cash back.  Topcashback; Casbackkings is now Froggybank; Quidco; To my knowledge none of these are related to Shopper Discounts and Rewards (Webloyaty International) which charges a monthly fee  Is an excellent guide to how to save money on train tickets. This site lists bargains that people have spotted in shops or on line
Cheapest petrol in you area (it changes by the day).  Just put your postcode in at
Get rid of your junk and find bargains. Join your local Freecycle. See  Excellent site for independent views of modern gadgets
Don't forget the Which ? site at  You don't have to sign up for much of the info. 

Telephone Calls
Telephone call charges are very confusing. At least computer based telephony should make competition fiercer.  But you may still be paying a premium on some calls if you are not careful. Premium rate numbers include all those beginning with 090 and can vary between 49p and 1.50 a minute of which the recipient gets a substantial cut. But even the following numbers have variable charges :  0845 numbers ARE charged at 'lo-call' (not local) call rates.  But 044 is charged at 5ppm at any time.  0870 and 0871 numbers are charged at the national rate, even if it is local and pay the owner a cut if you phone at peak times, whereas 0871918 numbers are 10ppm at any time. Many companies will quote an 0870 number even though they have a free 0800 number.  There is a website that enables you to check whether a company has a cheaper alternative
. Study the site at to find non geographical alternatives to 0870 numbers. Always bear in mind that most telephone companies will charge around 5p for the first minute. So, if you are on pay-as-you-go dialup and get through but then your PC has to re-dial  seconds later it is probably costing you.

With competition opening up the telephone market you should check the comparative costs of telephone suppliers. OFTEL suggests,  who are allowed to help you change. It only takes a few minutes and can save you tens of pounds a month, particularly if you phone abroad a lot.
You may be able to save on telephone calls especially to the USA and Australia (e.g. 2p per minute).

But the cheapest of all are video and audio computer connections such as Skype. When it comes to cost, FREE is hard to beat !  See Here.  

Other Silver Surfer's Sites - see Here

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