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As I have not had any requests from people to add their email addresses to this page for many months I have changed this page.  From now on it will just contain links which would help visitors to the page find friends

Don't forget the very popular, which traces school and work friends They used to charge  7.50 per annum if you wish to e-mail anyone but you can now send and receive emails from Freindsreunited free of charge.  I am no longer a member but managed to contact someone who is.

There are a number of sites on the net which will enable you to find e-mail friends.  No guarantees, however, I haven't tried these :   Single Living    National Women's Register  As well as helping older people find friends this site has many links to 'older generation sites.

Yet another - a new one - is It is intended to get people together for mutual activities. There is a free and also a paid membership.

Not sure what to do today ?  This can be a problem for the retired.  For suggestions try this site and click the fruit machine

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