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There are now over 100 million websites around the world.  

Here are a number of links to sites which will enable you to create a website of your own.  Most are completely free and only require a modicum of computer savvy to allow you to get started.

A very useful article by Leo Notenboom on Wordpress.  Wordpress can host your site but also help you create one
 and you don't have to learn a single word of 'code'.

Google are also trying to make it easier to create a website.  You can use their Google Page Creator.  You will need a Google Account such as a Gmail address.

For more information on Google's version see Google Sites
Here is an example from Google 

Yet another popular site is WIX.  Click the link to see how you can get started immediately even without having to buy a site name and involving a host 'server'.

Also see if you want to start a simple site.

However, the program I used for years for web creation was called AOLpress. But that doesn't work with Windows 7 and later. Similar, easy to use alternative free editing programs are NVU Web Page Editor and Kompozer  One merely writes as you would in a word processor and then saves the file as an HTML file, which is how all web pages are designed. Adding pictures is almost as easy.

These days it has got easier to have your own site.  Without any cost whatsoever you can create a site of your own at  Go on.  Have a go ! I just did at haven't developed it. 

My own site (this one) is created on, which is now owned by  
If you just want to put family photos on line so you can tell people where to look there are several organisation that let you do that such as Kodak, Jessops or Google's Picasa, now no longer supported by Google, but still works.. Apart from it being easier than sending copies of pictures to people via e-mail or through the post it is a way of backing them up in a comparatively safe place. Because picture files can be quite large when they come out of a digital camera or are scanned you do need to either compress them down or use a fast internet connection to upload them. Picasa's Export facility will shrink files down easily 

Most people use special web authoring software to create web pages but if you would like some instruction on

Looking to take your website design to the next level?
These sites come highly recommended by NTL 

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