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These days we often receive files from friends that end in PPT, PPS, PPTX or PPSX.  These are Powerpoint 'Presentations', which are created by the Powerpoint Program that comes with the Microsoft Office Suite. Some contain very beautiful photographs but they can be made to produce a wide variety of effects and include sounds, music, videos as well as photographs.  In order to view them you have to have Powerpoint on your PC OR they can be opened with the free Open Office program or even using a Powerpoint Reader, free from Microsoft.

Presentations are fun to make and send to friends as attachments to emails.  A simple slide show of your pictures is not difficult to put together.

PPT and PPTX are the endings used for the developmental files that you work on.  PPS and PPSX are the same files but they are turned into Slide shows which start as soon as they are opened. The X has been added for Powerpoints created using the version which comes with Office 2007 and the later versions but it may be better to save them in the older (Office 2003 format, so people can see them.. Open Office can create and read all types, although its native file ending may be different.

So, how do you create a Powerpoint ?  There is a series of Tutorials  about Powerpoint 2007 HERE.

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