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Having been running for  fourteen years the Silverhairs site has grown to over 50 pages.  Finding what you want from this mass of information requires some instruction!  Here are some tips which should help

If you have any questions related to computer problems or this website please email by clicking HERE

Many people have used this website for several years and have become quite adept at finding what they want.  But the site has grown to over 50 pages, so doing this is not an easy task.

However, help is at hand from the first 'Home' page, where there is a box at the top where you can enter a word or two and this will find every page on the site where the word occurs.  Type in 'Savings' or 'Pensions' for instance and clicking SEARCH will lead you to all pages where those words appear.

Within a page all Browsers will enable you to search for specific word. Press Ctl + F and type the word in the box that appears at the top of the page.

You will also find many 'LINKS' on the site. They are shown as text with blue underlining. Clicking on those will take you to other related sites.  You can use the back arrow on your browser to return to the previous page. Many of the links are to sites that I, myself, have found useful, or think that you might, too. None of the links or adverts should lead to sites which I would term 'malware'.

SCROLLING down a long page (using a PC):  If you just wish to see what is further down a page there are three main ways.  You can press the Space Bar or use the Page Down key. To go down line by line use the down arrow.  To go back up again, page by page, use Shift and Space Bar .

The SITE MAP. Many websites have what is called a Site Map to help people navigate a large, complicated site. The link to the site map on this site is at the top and bottom of almost every page.  So, it should be possible to return to that page at any time.

The site map on this site has 11 headings with 55 boxes each containing a link to a page.  This is the best way to get to to where you want to go.  

Some of the pages display advertisements put there by Google (at my request). You may find them useful and often relevant. I do not choose which companies advertise via Google and the adverts will change from day to day. I CAN block a company or a range of adverts.  I have blocked dating sites and, as far as possible, those advertising ways to get out of debt (except the most reputable sites of this kind, such as the Citizens Advice Bureau).  If you object to any of the adverts I would be pleased if you let me know via email above. Most are 'commercial' links and may suggest you pay something for the advertised goods.  But only if you wish to. If you click on a Google advertisement they pay me a small fee, which helps support the running of this site. By clicking an advert you are NOT committing yourself to buying.

I do hope that this will help you to navigate the website.  If you have any questions or suggestions (especially if something doesn't work as it should) please get in touch with my by email


n.b. Although I attempt to keep this site up to date, some items will inevitably become out of date.  This especially applies to links to websites, which are often changed by their owners. Financial matters, such as interest rates can change overnight.

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