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Basic Secuity

This page contains information on Travel Insurance - also on my page at Help40.htm

Insurances are many and varied.  Like taxes, they are difficult to avoid.  But, by shopping around you can certainly reduce that annual expense.

The first thing to realise is that, like some foreign market place, there is every opportunity to compare and usually there are opportunities to 'negotiate'. While the insurance companies are out to maximise their profits, they all know they are in a completive market place and, if they don't offer a reasonable deal, you will be off to another stall.

Number one rule : Loyalty does not pay - except in the case of no-claim bonuses, especially in the vehicle business. But there don't seem to be any such things when it comes to Household, Health or Travel. In fact, the chances are that not staying with the same company may be the best bet. So, ALWAYS question a rise in premium. It is probably best to telephone, even though they may keep you waiting before you get through to the person whose job is probably dedicated to keep you with their company. Keep them thinking that you are on the verge of leaving. (this applies to other things like Broadband and phone suppliers).

There are a host of comparison sites for you to try e.g.


For Holiday travel insurance there is a very useful guide by Moneysavings Expert, Martin Lewis, at my Help7 page HERE



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Basic Secuity