Sailing - Sardinia to Corsica

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In July 2005 we were guests aboard the yacht Wild Salmon


I really did sail from Corsica to Sardinia !

My epic sail from Corsica back to Sardinia

Wild Salmon.  An 80 foot yacht

Wild Salmon at anchor

Ate well

We ate fabulously......

Drank Rum punches

And drank rum punches.......

Bow lounging.  Me and the girls

And did a bit of 'bow lounging'......

Had a pint or two

... and yet more 'lounging'

Before chasing over the water in a stiff breeze to Bonifacio, Corsica

  The cliffs of Bonifacio, Corsica 

Where we went ashore on a superb warm evening and ate under the stars

Bonifacio by night

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