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In July 2012 we were fortunate to be able to celebate my 80th birthday in a private Scottish Castle !

Glenkindie House is 40 miles west of Aberdeen. Brief History. This is the ancestral home of the Leith family. There has been a house here since 1595. The oldest surviving part is the East wing, two storeys and an attic, probably 16th century, rebuilt in 1741. There are 'Quoined' surrounds to the windows and an elabourate stone stair with squat Ionic columns inside. The west wing may date from 1787 or earlier. The north wing, which comprises the present main house, was built in 1900, by Sydney Mitchell; a two storey house with three storey tower. This replaced the central house of 1785, which in turn had been built over the house built in 1595 and destroyed in 1644.

The gardens are extensive: largely 18th century but with some 17th century or earlier sections with elabourate topiary, including teddy bears, toy soldiers and egg-cups. The wrought iron front gates are mid 18th century. There are two sundials, one of 1722. The west gate is a former bow fronted tollhouse, rebuilt from old materials in the early 1900s. On the other side of the lake there is a rectangular, 17th century dovecote with double rat courses (stones jutting out to prevent rats getting to the doves).

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